Our education approach

The five steps

We want to route the child through five important steps to reach its full potential :
We use the notion of the positive butterfly effect to encourage children to believe that simple acts can often help them realize their greatest dreams.
Inspired by international best practices for personal development, our approach is adapted to children in accordance with their cognitive development stage. This approach was developed under the supervision of Doctor Karyne Lavoie, Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychologist.

Step 1: Create a dream

Dreams cradle childhood. We have to show young people that no dream is prohibited. Despite obstacles, never give up. A dream is at the root of every great achievement.

An adult is a child who has accomplished his dreams

Michel Boujenah

Step 2: Build confidence

We must learn from an early age to be ourselves and that we create our own success. By having confidence in ourselves we transform each challenge into an opportunity.

A key to succes is self-confidence a key to self-confidence is preparation.

Arthur Ashe

Step 3: Encourage action

Action is the springboard to self-accomplishment of one’s desires. A good idea can only become a feat by action.

The child ask us to help him to act by himself

Maria Montessori

Step 4: Encourage staying positive

Everything happens for a reason; we just have to learn how to draw positive lessons from it.

A positive state of mind helps to not only imagine what you want to be but helps you to become it.

Wally Amos

Step 5: Persevere

Never be afraid of falling, because it’s by falling that we learn how to get up again.

It’s okay to fall; It’s getting up afain that’s essential.

Russian proverb