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This collection is for every Miss Flower on Earth. Nature's beauty in the flower has been captured in a unique silver jewelry collection in five sparkling symbolic colors.

For BFLY, this new collection is a step forward in our desire to inspire youth.

Be Natural, be yourself and follow your inspiration... BFLY

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collection kids
kids collection

A birthstone collection for babies and young girls. The beauty and elegance of our butterfly design is captured in brilliant stones available in 12 colors, one for every month of the year.

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collection girls
girls collection

A birthstone collection designed for girls ages 5 and over! This first collection of Bfly® watches is available in 12 colors, one for every month of the year. The different strap designs will delight girls of all ages. The silver birthstone charms and earrings that highlight the Butterfly Gem® cut complete the look of the Bfly® Girls Collection.

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Bfly by inverness
Bfly by inverness

Bfly and INVERNESS join together to offer a kids collection including an exclusive Bfly ear piercing collection captured in our 12 brilliant colored birthday stones and a wide selection of the most popular INVERNESS earings.

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The butterfly effect


Butterflies carry rich symbolism of universal appeal. Depending on the culture and belief system, butterflies can represent womanhood or the desire for immortality. Butterflies also symbolize birth, change and transformation. Inspired by the symbolism of the butterfly effect, the Bfly® jewellery collection expresses our desire to make this a better world.

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