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BFLY by night

The world of light experience
Friday and Saturday
Approximate length: 1 hour
In the evening, the Bfly aviary transforms to reveal unique special lighting effects in an enchanting musical atmosphere. Embark on a secret interactive mission to save the secret world of butterflies. A family activity that will fill your mind with magical wonder.

Take part in a unique multimedia experience!

Cinema – Animated book (15 minutes)
The adventure kicks off with a short animated film, which will help immerse the entire family in our captivating, magical universe. You will then make the acquaintance of inspiring characters and be assigned your own secret mission.
Projection show (approximately 5 to 10 minutes)
The energy of dreams comes to life! You’ll be accompanied throughout this experience by a magical display of colourful projections.
Magical Flowers (approximately 5 to 10 minutes)
This activity enables children to wander around in the enchanting décor of our magical aviary and stop at each of the different multimedia stations along the way. Thanks to magical flowers, they’ll be able to watch and listen to the next chapters in the story, recounted by one of our delightful characters.
The Dream Machine© (approximately 10 to 15 minutes)
After completing the aviary activity, the adventure continues! Children can take part in our unique THe Dream Machine© activity: aboard a flying machine, each child will embark on an interactive adventure that will allow them to discover one of their greatest dreams. They will also be introduced to multiple intelligences and be awarded a great dreamer diploma.

There are various free activities available.

Our fee-flying butterflies
Grubus, the evil butterfly collector, has managed to capture the dream energy thanks to his latest invention. All the butterflies have virtually fallen asleep and children have been entrusted with the mission of restoring their energy * by thinking about one of their greatest dreams.
*Please note that in the evening our butterflies are less active than during the day and the activity is instead more of a multimedia experience.
Activity booklet and contest: (approximately 10 minutes)
Each child will be given an activity booklet and can then wander around in the world of light in search of a secret word. They will have the chance to win one of their greatest dreams (value: $1,000). For the terms and conditions of the contest, visit