Developing one’s potential while have fun

We believe that sometimes all it takes is a little spark to bring about extraordinary change in a child’s life. Our goal is to inspire children to fulfil their greatest dreams and help them progress through five different stages that are key to attaining their full potential. Five characters were created to popularize each of the values to the children.
Encouraging dreams
Childhood is nurtured by dreams. It’s important to show children that all dreams can be made a reality. Regardless of the hurdles along the way, the key is to remain focused on the objectives ahead. Dreams are the cornerstone of all major achievements.
Associated character: Dreamie
Building self-confidence
Children need to learn from an early age how to be themselves and that we are all responsible for our own success. By believing in ourselves, we can turn any challenge into an opportunity.
Associated character: Confi
Encouraging action
Taking action is a springboard for attaining self-fulfilment and one’s objectives. A great idea can only be turned into an achievement through action.
Associated character: Acti
Fostering the ability to stay positive
Everything happens for a reason. We simply need to learn to stay positive despite the obstacles we have to overcome.
Associated character: Optie
Learning to persevere
In order to successfully advance through each stage in life, we must keep on trying and trying.
Associated character: Persie