Got questions? We have answers.

Is there a locker room?

Yes, a locker room is at the disposal of visitors, free of charge.

Where can I find items I lost?

To find any lost items, contact our shop staff.



What is the schedule? What are your rates?

You’ll find all of this information in the “Tickets” and “Schedule”sections of our website.

If I don’t use the attractions, do I have to pay the admission fee?

There is no charge for entering the shop. A ticket is required if you want access to the aviary and its experiences.

Is my ticket refundable?

No ticket reimbursement is possible.

If I purchased a ticket, can I change its date?

No, changing the date on your ticket is not possible. However, you can switch to another experience depending to the day’s experience schedule. To do so, contact us by phone at the following numbers:



Can I switch to another experience if I’ve already bought my ticket?

Yes, depending to the day’s experience schedule. To do so, contact us by phone at the following numbers:



Do I have to purchase my tickets ahead of time?

We recommend that you buy your tickets ahead of time to guarantee your spot in the timeslot you prefer. You can do so online, in the “Tickets” section of our website. You can also buy tickets on site using one of our payment stations.

Why do I have to provide my email address when making a reservation?

We ask for your email address to send you a confirmation message and your ticket when you reserve online.
Bfly will not use your email address for other purposes without your consent.

Must children be accompanied by an adult?

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there attendants on site?

Yes, our facilitators are trained to ensure the safety of children.

Where can I obtain technical assistance with my online purchase?

For any technical issue, contact our customer service at this number: 1 888 660-3292, extension 226.

Is the site accessible to persons with impaired mobility?

Our site is accessible for persons with impaired mobility. However, please note that certain activities are not wheelchair-accessible.

Is the site accessible for strollers?


Are there parking charges?

No: a large parking zone is accessible free of charge right in front.

Can I get there through public transport?

Yes, several bus lines can bring you to our site.

How can I get to the Bfly shop?
Is there a space where we can eat?

Yes, our Actifly’s Delights snack bar will welcome you.

Can I bring my own food?

No, only persons with allergies can bring their own food, as well as children part of a school outing or group visit.

Is there a special menu for people with allergies?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our food will be free of allergenic ingredients.

Can we eat in the aviary?

No, eating is only allowed in the designated zone.

Do you have water?

Yes, a water fountain is accessible to all visitors. The Actifly’s Delights snack bar also sells water bottles.

Do you have washrooms?

Yes, and our facilities are child-friendly.

How do I proceed if I want to work for Bfly?

Visit the “Job offers” page in the “About” section of our website.

Is it possible to buy butterflies?

Yes. Butterflies can be purchased at our gift shop. Upon the purchase of a butterfly emergence cage, you obtain the right to come and free your butterflies in our aviary, free of charge.

Can we organize a children's party?

Yes, it is possible to organize a party by booking our birthday package. It is forbidden to organize a party on your own without using our birthday package (Example brings gifts, cake, candles, etc.)

Do you host workshops for children?

Workshops will be offered on site by facilitators. For more information on our workshops, visit the “Bfly Experiences” page on our website.