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With the arrival of fall, it is not uncommon to find a lack of motivation in children. Reduction of hours of sunshine and repeated infections contribute to increased fatigue. Here are some tips that may help you motivate your child.

Pleasure First

Children are looking to have fun, are attracted to games and are motivated by challenges. When it comes to cleaning up toys or performing any other task, you could say, “Let’s see how many toys you can pick up in two minutes! ”

Consider His Interests

What is motivating for you is not necessarily motivating for your child! Ask him what really motives him. Your child talks about a movie or a music group you don’t know about? Ask him more. This will show him your interest and motivate him to document himself.

Allow Him To Make Choices

When the time comes to make a choice, offer two or three options rather than demanding something from your child. This way, he will have the satisfaction of deciding some aspects of his life. Therefore, he will be much more motivated to put something into action. If your child refuses to put his snowsuit on, you could ask, “Do you prefer to put on your hat or your coat first? ”

Extracurricular Activities

Whether it is a sport or a musical instrument, an extracurricular activity allows children to be creative and develop efforts to obtain certain results. Whenever possible, you shouldn’t deprive your child of these activities when obtaining bad results.

Get Some Air

Exterior physical activity promotes good oxygenation of the brain and sun exposure invigorates. There is nothing like playing outside with the family to bring the right mood and motivation.

Encourage Him

To support your child’s motivation, frequently underline his progress, his interests, his capacities, and his efforts. Encourage him to experiment various things so he can discover what really fascinates him. Although internal motivation is the most important, it is great to value each of his efforts.

Give Him Rest

Plan the schedule of your child according to his abilities and grant him some rest. A rested child will necessarily be more dynamic and persevering when undertaking an activity. Encourage him to take a break as soon as he shows signs of fatigue.

Consider His Level Of Development

We must distinguish a limited attention span from a lack of motivation. It is normal for a young child to change game several times over a short period of time. His ability to concentrate gradually expands depending on his personality, level of development and according to the opportunities for growth he will get.

Be A Role Model

Do you begin your day complaining? Do you drag your feet when comes the time to go shopping? Your attitude will be reflected on your child. If you want your child to be enthusiastic, be sure to be as well! It is hard to get motivated to go to school if your parents are not motivated by their work. Show your enthusiasm and your satisfaction as much as possible.

Know that the more your parent-child relationship will be of good quality, the more your child will be motivated to participate in activities and tasks you propose.

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