Leaving room for your child to dream, why is it so important?

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For a child to flourish, we must leave room for dreams; Etty Buzyn, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst specializing in children, is of this opinion.

Many parents prefer planning crowded scheduals for their child; idle moments, no way! Doing so is unfortunate since idle moments are essential for children; dreaming helps building oneself.

“Dreams are spaces of incredible freedom. Children especially need this privileged space to cope with the reality that is not simple. Even babies experience these constraints. For example, when parents decide to take them to the crib, they do not often ask them their opinion. Dreams are a compensation deal for these constraints and what is imposed on them from outside”, says Etty Buzyn.

It is important to respect this moment of ​​freedom because it is in these moments that your child will be projected over time and break free of his fears and his daily stresses.

Playing and dreaming

“The dream is a game with ideas. As the game is an exterior space of freedom, the dream is a space of inner freedom”, says Etty Buzyn.

Children like to invent stories freely. These moments are great for them to express themselves and create an imaginary, as well as learning to know themselves and to identify their own desires.

Dreaming is to be active

Contrary to the belief of some parents, a child who dreams is active.

“All children have the ability to imagine. Well see this when they spontaneously start to daydream or invent things! This can take the appearance of the game, that of dreaming. But in all cases, the child is absolutely not passive! So do not worry if you find that your child is dreamy”, Etty Buzyn confirms.

Michel Boujenah once said: “A flourished adult is a child who accomplished his dreams.” Dreams cradle childhood. We have to show young people that no dream is prohibited. Despite obstacles, never give up. A dream is at the root of every great achievement.


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