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Self-confidence is built throughout life, but is significantly affected by achieving success or overcoming challenges with positivism in the early years of life. Self-confidence is also influenced by positive role models around us and how our idols cope with different situations in life. Having confidence gives a greater sense of self-control over the environment, the impact of its actions on our world and motivates to constantly move forward and overcome limitations. It is well recognized in the scientific literature that self-perception influences our goals and our level of commitment.

In the context of a child with learning difficulties, while continuing to enhance the importance of school, it is important to give him other opportunities and sources of valuation to avoid accentuating the difference felt with other children who do not present the same kind of academic challenges.

Meanwhile, it is important to identify factors that may explain and/or interfere with learning to find ways to help the child get through difficulties and avoid discouragement. It is also important to see the difference according to each practice: no one is identical and each entity has its own colors and enriches our world.


Dr Karyne Lavoie
Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychologist

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